Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nadine - Newborn Photoshoot - 8 September 2012

And at last I could capture a beautiful little girl... Nadine. I love babies so much especialy the very small and new stage that they grow out of so quickly. So obviously I loved working with her and her very cooperative parents. We expected a very cold day so it was a lovely surprise to have nice warm weather and lots of sunshine. Of course Petrus found the wheelbarrow immediately and loved pushing that around and round... Thank you Hugo family for the opportunity to capture this memories forever.
(please note the photo with Petrus pushing his sister in the wheelbarrow was captured separately... we wouldn't want her to fall out.)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hugo Family photoshoot - 15 July 2012

With the kids dressed in layers underneath their pretty "photoshoot" clothes we faced an icy wind on a cold Sunday afternoon. We had a fun time playing and driving on the tractor, which Christiaan claimed to be his and no one besides his family was allowed on it, and there were a lot of tears every time it stopped. A great shoot with a lovely family...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Nico and Antoinette are having a little girl, Nadine in about 8 weeks and I had the privilege of helping them capture this moment in time. We had a lovely time outside on a warm winters afternoon and laughed together at their son Petrus (almost 2) pushing his bike round and round and round... not wanting to let go of it for the photos, it took allot of persuasion and a play gun with sounds and lights to get him to join us, but it worked. So Nico and Antoinette here is a little sneak peek...

Here is a few images of my previous shoots.... And now the blogging begins...